Kafka Project

Kathi Diamant is founder and director of the Kafka Project, the first official search for the lost writings of the 20th century literary genius since the 1950s, based at San Diego State University. Fascinated by Kafka's last love, Dora Diamant, since learning about her in 1971 German literature class at the University of Georgia, Kathi has been fascinated with the mysteries surrounding one of the world's great literary geniuses. For more than 25 years Kathi has been immersed in Dora's story and has retraced her steps in England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Israel, discovering neglected archives. In 1998, Kathi conducted the 4-month long Kafka Project in Berlin, examining Nazi files and finding clues to the whereabouts of Dora's missing family members. In 1999, she organized the stone setting on Dora's unmarked grave in Eastern London, attended by Dora's recently discovered family from Israel and Germany.

In the summer of 2008, she led a Magical Mystery Literary History Tour as a fundraising kickoff for the Kafka Projectís 2008 Research Project in Eastern Europe, searching for the locations of captured German, Nazi-confiscated documents, which may contain the missing Kafka documents, in the former Silesia.